Grandmother Cutler is not going to be happy, you've failed once again not to do your chores. Please finish them, before she gets upset. Gosh darn it, uh oh, oh no!... quick run and hide, I'll make up a lousy excuse to hold her off!

Bronson Alcott
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Bronson Alcott
Spouse: Laura Sue Cutler
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Former Businessman (Cutler's Cove)
Appearances: Secrets of the Morning, Twilight's Child, Midnight Whispers (Mentioned Only]] and Darkest Hour.
Portrayed By: N/A
Family Members
Unnamed Parents (Deceased), Alexandra Alcott (Sister, deceased), Laura Sue Cutler (Wife, deceased), Clara Sue Cutler (Daughter, deceased), Philip Cutler (Stepson), Betty Ann Monroe (Step-daughter-in-law), Dawn Longchamp (Stepdaughter, deceased), Christie Longchamp (Step-granddaughter), Jimmy Longchamp (Step-son-in-law), Melanie Cutler (Step-granddaughter) and Richard Cutler (Step-grandson).

Bronson Alcott, was a business man that helped out the Cutler family at the Cutler's Cove Hotel. Bronson had a sister Alexandra Alcott who later died of a crippling illness. Bronson was also a childhood friend, former lover and later the second husband of Laura Sue Cutler. Later on after Dawn's fake kidnapping and Laura Sue's fairly recent marraige to Randolph Cutler; Bronson and Laura had an affair which resulted in Clara Sue. Clara Sue was immedaitley passed off as Randolph's child, to insure that sure history didn't repeat it's self, thus this might explain, Clara's hositily towards Dawn, who Clara thinks of herself as being a replacement child for Dawn.