Carrie is the youngest daughter of Christopher Sr. and Corrine Jr. She is the twin to Cory Foxworth and younger sister to Chris Jr. and Cathy. She dies in the novel Petals on the Wind at age 20 when she commits suicide by eating arsenic covered donuts. Her favorite colors are red and purple. As a child she was the dominant twin and always talked.

Carrie lived with her family in Gladstone, Pennsylvania. Carrie always had beautiful golden hair. She was like a living doll. When she was five her father died and she with her family moved to Richmond, VA. Unfortuatly, Carrie was to be locked away with her siblings. Carrie was a strong-willed child. She was very protective of her twin brother going as far as to scream at their fearsome grandmother to protect him although in return she was to be picked up by her hair and her twin saved her and as a reward was kicked by the same grandmother.