Charlotte Booth, is a character in the Cutler series by V.C. Andrews. Charlotte made her first appearance in the second book, Secrets of the Morning, Charlotte meets Dawn Longchamp on a Virginia plantation, called The Meadows, where Dawn is ordered there to secretly give birth to her daughter Christie by Michael Sutton. Charlotte has the mentality of a child. Charlotte lives at The Meadows with her older sister, Emily. Dawn finds Charlotte to be better company than the religiously fanatic Emily. Dawn becomes intrigued when Charlotte talks about a baby that was the Devil's. Dawn correctly assumes that Charlotte had a baby in the past. When confronted with this Emily states that Charlotte did have a baby, but claimed it was a stillbirth, which is later proven untrue. Charlotte appears again in "Midnight Whispers" when Christie, Gavin and Jefferson hide out at the Meadows. Charlotte, along with Luther make the three feel at home, but they are later forced to leave. Charlotte is revealed to be the daughter of Lillian and her uncle Jed Booth who raped Lillian while he was in a drunken state. Charlotte is the half sister of Randolph Cutler and the mother of Homer by Luther.