Emily Booth, is the eldest daughter of Georgia and Jed Booth, as well as the sister of Lillian, Charlotte and Eugenia Booth. Emily is a religious fanatic. She takes pleasure in punishments, such as being denied food, seeing it as a reminder of God's punishment. Emily resents her sister Lillian, calls her a curse, and goes out of her way to make life miserable for her. Emily is the main captor to Lillian, when she was pregnant with Charlotte. Jed wanted nothing to do with Lillian after he got her pregnant, and Georgia's health was rapidly failing. Emily helps deliver Charlotte, and this sets in motion her career as a midwife. Emily claims to have delivered many babies. After the death of her parents, Emily inherits the Meadows plantation, where it falls into a state of disrepair. Dawn is sent to the plantation when she is pregnant. Emily destroys Dawn's clothes, makes her wear itchy, uncomfortable dresses, puts vinegar into all the food to serve as a reminder of the bitterness and sin of life, and works Dawn like a slave. Emily delivers baby Christie, and then sends her off while Dawn is recovering from childbirth.up until Darkest Hour Emily does not make another appearance, but she dies of heart failure in Twilight's Child, and Dawn Longchamp, Jimmy Longchamp, Charlotte Booth and Luther all attend her funeral.  she wasn't mourned by anyone. She only appeared in Secrets of the morning and Darkest Hour.