Georgia Booth, is the sister of Violet, aunt/adoptive mother of Lillian Booth, mother of Emily and Eugenia Booth, and the wife of Jed Booth. Georgia and her husband Jed adopted Lillian shortly after she was born, Georgia's sister Violet having died in childbirth. Georgia was a proper southern lady and very kind to her daughters, Emily, Lillian and Eugenia. After Eugenia died, Georgia became grief-stricken and went senile. This required Lillian to take care of more duties at the Meadows. When Lillian became pregnant by Jed, Emily and Jed told the neighbors that Georgia was pregnant, and Georgia's state of mind made it easy for Emily and Jed to pretend this was the case. Georgia was bedridden at this time, while Lillian was locked away, and when Lillian gave birth to Charlotte, the family claimed that Georgia had died in childbirth, when in reality, Georgia had died several days earlier of stomach cancer, in order to avoid a Booth family scandal. Georgia only appears in Darkest Hour, alongside her husband Jed.