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Giselle Dumas/ Giselle Andreas
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Giselle Dumas(1947-)
Relatives: *Gabrielle Landry (biological mother, deceased)
  • Pierre Dumas (father, deceased)
  • Daphne Dumas (adopted mother)
  • Ruby Landry (twin sister)
  • Paul Tate (maternal half-brother/brother-in-law, deceased)
  • Catherine Landry (maternal grandmother)
  • Jack Landry (maternal grandfather)
  • Beau Andreas (husband)
  • Pearl Andreas (niece)
  • Jean Andreas (niece)
  • Pierre Andreas (nephew)
Status: Deceased
Appearances: *Ruby
  • Pearl in the Mist
  • All That Glitters
Portrayed By: N/A

Giselle Dumas was the daughter of Pierre Dumas and Gabrielle Landry and the adopted daughter of Daphne Dumas. She was the twin sister of Ruby Landry, the half-sister of Paul Tate and wife to Beau Andreas.

Early Life Edit

Giselle was conceived when Gabrielle Landry had an affair with Pierre Dumas, who was married at the time. Gabrielle's father, Jack, insisted Gabrielle give the baby up (unaware at the time that she was carrying twins). A deal was made that Pierre would take in Giselle and he and his wife Daphne - who is infertile - would raise her. Giselle was taken and named by the Dumas' shortly after her birth; her biological mother only saw her once before dying of blood loss. Giselle grew up never realising she had a twin sister.

Ruby Edit

Giselle Dumas is introduced when Ruby first appears in the Dumas family home in New Orleans in 1962. Giselle is shocked and horrified at Ruby's appearance. However, after her father, Pierre tells her that they are twins, Giselle becomes friendlier. Giselle is very spoiled, having been given anything she wanted by Pierre and her adopted mother Daphne. Giselle drinks, smokes and parties, which her parents are mostly unaware of. Ruby and Giselle's relationship becomes more troublesome, and Ruby casts a voodoo curse on Giselle. Giselle ends up in a car accident and is paralyzed. Ruby lets slip once that she cast a curse, and Giselle makes Ruby act as her slave, or else she will tell Pierre and Daphne.

Pearl in the Mist Edit

Ruby and Giselle are sent to an exclusive boarding school, Greenwood, in Baton Rouge. Giselle is still paralyzed, thus excusing her from doing things that the other girls had to do such as chores. She was even the exception when it came to the dress code. Ruby also still acts the part of nurse to Giselle. Giselle begins to make new friends at the school and enjoyed making every girl in her dorm into her own personal slave, but wants to go back to New Orleans. Sometime during her stay at Greenwood, Giselle regained the use of her legs and ability to walk but keeps this a secret.

Giselle carried out vicious acts against Ruby and her best friend Abby, in hopes that Ruby would make their father bring them home. Giselle uses their near identical appearances to get Ruby in trouble for things that she never did. Ruby believes the school headmistress simply doesn't like her, but one evening, Ruby spies Giselle walking and discovers Giselle has been walking for months and committing the acts that Ruby is getting blamed for.

Ruby and Giselle get some bad news, their father, Pierre has died suddenly of a heart attack. The girls return home for his funeral and Giselle hopes that it will be permanent. This is not the case and Giselle continues to make trouble. When Ruby and Giselle return home for Christmas, Giselle reveals that she can walk to Daphne, who considers keeping the girls home so Giselle can undergo physical therapy. Giselle has a party while Daphne is out on New Year's Eve and trashes the house. Daphne, enraged, sends both girls back to school.

All That Glitters Edit

Marriage to Beau Edit

In her early adult years, Giselle plots to take Beau Andreas away from Ruby. Knowing how much Beau and Ruby loved each other, Giselle sets out to not only seduce Beau but marry him as well. Beau, never getting over Ruby and the fact that his parents sent him away to Europe, allowed Giselle back into his life and his bed. Seeing Giselle as his way of holding onto a piece of Ruby forever, even if only for her close physical resemblance to Ruby, Beau decides to marry her. Giselle never loved Beau, she just didn't want Ruby to have him either. She was so jealous of Ruby and her accomplishments there was no end to what she would do to try and be just like her. However, this does not go to plan, as Beau becomes miserable in his marriage and ends up beginning an affair with Ruby anyway. Giselle apparently remains unaware of this; Beau also strongly suspects she has had affairs of her own and uses this to justify his relationship with Ruby.

Death Edit

Giselle eventually contracts a rare form of encephalitis via a mosquito bite. She soon becomes paralyzed again and then comatose, suffering extreme brain damage. Giselle is taken to live out the rest of her days at Cypress Woods, her sister and her brother-in-law/half-brother Paul Tate's mansion in Houma. She is unaware of her surroundings due to her brain damage, so she has no idea that Ruby has run off with her husband or that she has assumed her identity. Giselle's condition worsens until she finally passes away; however, she is buried not as Giselle Dumas but as Ruby Landry. This inadvertently results in the mentally unstable Paul believing Ruby - with whom he is obsessed - has died and he eventually commits suicide.