Hannah Eaton
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Hannah Eaton
Relatives: Willow De Beers (Mother), Thatcher Eaton (Father), Miguel Fuentes (Step-father), Danielle Eaton (Step-mother), Claude Fuentes (Half Brother), Adrian Eaton (Half Brother), Cade Eaton (Half Brother), Grace Montgomery (Grandmother, deceased), Claude DeBeers (Grandfather, deceased), Alberta DeBeers (Adopted Grandmother, deceased), Hope Eaton (Grandmother, deceased), Asher Eaton (Grandfather, deceased), Linden Montgomery (Half Uncle), Whitney Eaton (Aunt), Hans Shauger (Uncle), Quintin Shauger (Cousin), Laurel Shauger (Cousin), Agnes Delroy (Great Aunt), Darwood Deloy (Great Uncle), Margaret Shelby (2nd Cousin) and Ashley Roberts (2nd Cousin-in-law).
Status: Alive
Occupation: High School Student
Appearances: Wicked Forest and Twisted Roots
Portrayed By: N/A

Hannah Eaton, is the daughter of Willow De Beers and Thatcher Eaton, she is also the stepdaughter of Miguel Fuentes and half sister of Claude Fuentes. Hannah only appears in Wicked Forest and Twisted Roots, in Twisted Roots, Hannah feels isolated from her family and is envious of her little brother Claude because he has the last name Fuentes and Thatcher refuses to let Hannah change her last name. To make matters worse Thatcher makes fun of Miguel's gifts given to Hannah and accuses Miguel of trying to buy Hannah's affection.