Honey is the fourth book in the Shooting Stars Series by V.C. Andrews, ghostwritten by Andrew Neiderman, and published in 2001. The individual stories conclude with Honey Forman, a gifted violinist growing up on a farm in Ohio. Feeling lost after her beloved uncle is killed in a plane crash, Honey's world opens up again when she meets Chandler Maxwell, a stellar pianist. Realizing that there is more to each other than meets the eye, Honey and Chandler soon fall in love; however, their blossoming relationship is compromised by Honey's religiously zealous grandfather who perceives everything as sinful. Honey finds the courage to dig deep into her family's past to unearth shocking secrets while pursuing her own journey into a bright future.

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In her music, she found sweet salvation....

Honey grew up on a farm under her strict, fanatically religious grandfather's disapproving eye. To him, everything is a sin—from her natural-born talent for the violin to her innocent interest in boys and dating—and life is a treacherous path to be walked in fear. When Honey is paired for music practice with a brilliant piano student, wealthy Chandler Maxwell, she discovers a true soul mate. But when a shocking family secret comes to light, Honey discovers the startling cause of her grandfather's bitter fury. And her own precious joy may be lost forever...

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