Ice is the second book in The Shooting Stars Series by V.C. Andrews, ghostwritten by Andrew Neiderman, and published in 2001. The series continues with Ice Goodman, a quiet loner who takes refuge in her singing while overshadowed by the vain mother who never wanted her and picked on at school for her reserved nature. Realizing that both of her parents live with the constant pain of broken dreams, Ice gains the confidence to pursue her dream of becoming a jazz singer with help from the few who believe in her.

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Ice wishes she could just become invisible...

Ice hides from the world behind a shield of silence. And that is what her mother hates about her. All she wants is a normal daughter who wears makeup and sexy clothes to attract boys. But Ice gets her chance to shine when she reveals her beautiful singing voice. And her extraordinary gift may become her saving grace when tragedy and deception almost destroy her dreams....

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