Jackie Lee Houston Montgomery Scott
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Jackie Lee Houston Montgomery Scott
Relatives: Grace Houston (Daughter, deceased), Linden Montgomery (Grandson), Willow De Beers (Granddaughter), Hannah Eaton (Great granddaughter), Claude Fuentes (Great grandson), Winston Montgomery (1st husband), Roland Houston (2nd husband) and Kirby Scott (3rd husband).
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Former Resort Owner
Appearances: Wicked Forest (Mentioned only), Twisted Roots (Mentioned only), Into the Woods and Hidden Leaves (Mentioned only)
Portrayed By: N/A

Jackie Lee, was the mother of Grace Houston, and the grandmother of both Linden Montgomery and Willow De Beers. Jackie Lee married three times, her first two husbands died and her third husband Kirby Scott raped her daughter Grace and took off with the Montgomery fortune.