James Longchamp
Biographical Information
Birth Name: James Garry Longchamp
Relatives: Ormand Longchamp (Biological father), Sally Jean Longchamp (Biological mother, deceased), Dawn Longchamp (Adoptive Sister and wife, deceased), Fern Longchamp (Biological sister), Jefferson Longchamp (Son), Christie Longchamp (Stepdaughter)
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Works/Manages at Cutler's Cove
Appearances: Dawn, Secrets of the Morning, Twilight's Child, and Midnight Whispers
Portrayed By:

James Gary Longchamp (Jimmy Longchamp), was the husband of Dawn Longchamp, stepfather of Christie Longchamp, the biological father of Jefferson Longchamp and an unnamed child through a miscarriage all the children are with his wife Dawn. For many years Jimmy was persumed the real brother of Dawn, but was later revealed in the book Dawn to be the adopted brother of Dawn, due to the staged kidnapping of Dawn by the Cutler and Longchamp families.