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John Amos Jackson was the butler of Foxworth Hall and faithful servant to Olivia and Malcolm Foxworth. Like them, he was very religious and detested Corrine, not only for making him feel inferior but also for her relationship with her half-uncle. He is also insane and believes God talks to him.

Flowers in the Attic

John is only seen briefly talking to one of the maids about Malcolm leaving his fortune to Corrine and then having sex with the maid.

If There Be Thorns

John Amos is the main antagonist in the third book, he is married to Corrine and manipulates her grandson, Bart into believing in the sinful nature of women and teaching Bart about being like his Great-grandfather, Malcolm Foxworth. He acts like Bart's only friend when in reality, he just uses him for his own selfish gain, have Corrine killed so he could inherit her fortune. He killed Bart and Jory's pet dogs so Bart can be framed for the crimes and even knocks out Cathy and Corrine and locks them in the basement under the mansion. He plans to set it ablaze so Corrine can die in the same way that her mother died in the fire at Foxworth Hall. When the mansion is on fire, John tries to kill Cathy but is knocked out by Corrine, he dies in the fire and is buried in Virginia.