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Kirby Scott
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Kirby Scott
Spouse: Jackie Lee Montgomery
Status: Alive
Occupation: Con Man/ Swindler
Appearances: Wicked Forest, Into the Woods, and Hidden Leaves (Mentioned only).
Portrayed By: N/A
Family Members
"Unnamed parents" (Possibly deceased), Jackie Lee Montgomery (Ex-wife, deceased), Grace Houston (Stepdaughter) and Linden Montgomery (Son).

Kirby Scott, was the 3rd husband of Jackie Lee and the stepfather of her only child Grace Houston, Kirby was also the father of Linden Montgomery with Grace. In the 4th book of the DeBeers Series, Kirby seduces Grace and rapes her in her sleep, resulting in Linden. Kirby is a con man, gambler, swindler and womanizer, who manages to swindler his wife Jackie Lee's fortune and less than a few days after the rape of his stepdaughter Grace, Kirby takes off and is never seen again by both Grace and her mother. Kirby leaves Grace pregnant and her mother scott broke, Kirby is mentioned in Wilow, and Hidden Leaves; however both Into the Woods and Wicked Forest are his only appearances. In Wicked Forest, Kirby is confronted by Thatcher Eaton Willow's, ex-husband, who asks Kirby to clear up Linden's paternity, thus reveling to Kirby that he has a son.