Mrs. Dalton, worked as a nanny for the Cutler family and all of the Laura Sue's three children: Philip, Clara Sue and Dawn. She was noted for taking care of Laura Sue, when Laura Sue was in her ninth month of pregnancy with Dawn. After Dawn's birth, Lillian Cutler convinced Dalton to go along with Dawn's faked kidnapping in exchange for a large salary and her silence. During the kidnapping Dalton remained inside Mary Boston's bedroom, then Dalton came out staging her scarcity. For many years Mrs. Dalton kept silent on the whereabouts of baby Eugenia Cutler (Dawn), it isn't until Dawn pays Mrs. Dalton a visit in Dawn, where Mrs. Dalton reveals the entire truth to Dawn. After Dawn's visit Mrs. Dalton is never seen again, she could have possibly died of cancer that was in her leg.