Octavius Tate, is the husband of Glady's Tate and a character in the Landry series by V.C. Andrews. In the final novel of the Landry Series, Tarnished Gold, Octavius Tate rapes Gabrielle Landry in a secluded swamp in the Bayou and fathers Paul Tate. But before Octavius rapes Gabrielle he tells her that his marriage to Gladys White, was only to get ahead as well as was arranged. During Gabrielle's time in seclusion, inside the Tate Mannor, Octavius tries to make moves on Gabrielle by offering friendly card and board games, he also explains again that he never loved his wife Gladys and is very kind to Gabrielle during her stay at the Tate Mannor. Minutes after Gabrielle gives birth to Paul, Gladys whisks the baby away and tells Gabrielle to leave, however Gabrielle's mother Catherine insists that Gabrielle stay until she regains her strength. After Gabrielle regains her strength, she begs Octavius to see Paul, Octavius agrees, but tells her she can only see Paul for a moment and that Gladys is exhausted. After Gabrielle says her final goodbyes to Paul Octavius drives both Gabrielle and her mother home, in the car Octavius apologizes to Gabrielle and Catherine snaps at him, after the ride home, that is the last time Gabrielle and Octavius ever lay eyes on each other again.

Octavius harbors great shame and guilt over the incident and this is further alluded to during the rest of the Landry series. It comes to a head in All that Glitters when Gladys sues Gabrielle's daughter, Ruby for custody of her daughter, Pearl out of vengeance for the accidental drowning death of her son, Paul. She very nearly succeeds until Octavious, tired of hiding behind a lie for so many years, admits in court that Ruby and Paul are half-brother and sister. He begs Ruby's forgiveness and she accepts, thanking him for his help. The judge rules in favor of Ruby and she regains custody of Pearl.