The Cutler Series, is a five part book series that were published by Pocket Books Fiction (now Simon & Schuster) from 1990 to 1993 and were completed by V.C. Andrews's ghost writer Andrew Neiderman. The Cutler series covers over 40 years of dark family history of the Cutler, Booth and Longchamp families.


The first book in the series is Dawn which revolves around the series main protagonist: Dawn Longchamp, in her early teen years struggling to fit into a high class society along with a startling discovery; which returns her to the wealthy Cutler Family full of deception, dark secrets and lies. Picking up after Dawn is Secrets of the Morning, the second novel in the series, which continues with Dawn on a jet liner heading to New York City. Dawn attends a private school Sarah Bernhardt School for Performing Arts and stays is a dorm run by a drama queen actress house mother Agnes. Secrets of the Morning ends tragically after Dawn gives birth to a healthy baby girl named Christie who is secretly given up for adoption by Emily Booth, Dawn's wicked Grandmother Cutler's sister/cousin. The third book Twilight's Child, continues with Dawn and her boyfriend Jimmy Longchamp searching for the couple who adopted Christie as well as Dawn taking over as mistress of Cutler's Cove. Followed by the fourth book Midnight Whispers, which features Christie as the main protagonist and readers seeing through Christie's eyes instead of Dawn's. The Fifth and final book Darkest Hour, features Dawn's wicked Grandmother Cutler as Lillian Booth, the protagonist of the book and gives readers possible explanations to Lillian's cruel nature toward Dawn.

The BooksEdit


Secrets of the Morning

Twilight's Child

Midnight Whispers

Darkest Hour

The FamiliesEdit

The Booth Family

The Cutler Family

The Longchamp Family


Dawn Longchamp

Christie Longchamp

James Longchamp

Lillian Booth

Laura Sue Cutler

Clara Sue Cutler

Philip Cutler

William Cutler

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