V.C. Andrews Wiki is a databse of knowelge all pertaining to V.C. Andrews. This wiki is a non profit wiki, we respect the copyright laws of the V.C. Andrews trust, Andrew Neiderman and the various publishers and film companies that entertain the general public with V.C. Andrews's work. If any of the statements in each of these sections affends you, we are very sorry, but we are just stating the facts.

Stealling Edit

This wiki is not responsible for images stolen from other sites, we are only a database for knowlege and are for non profit, however that does not mean we approve stealing from other websites, if video, stills, images, banners or other materials are stolen from other websites our hearts go out to you. STEALING IS STEALING! And eventually you will get caught!

Links Edit

We only ask, that when you visit the various V.C. Andrews sites out there, please be gracious, curtious, to respect the copyrights put in place and don't steal the images. If you must use these images we suggest you ask these web designers first as they have spent a lot of time working on these sites.

Spoiler PolicyEdit

Whether its Movies, plays, screenplays or upcoming Movies and TV. Shows The V.C. Andrews Wiki is not responsible for any false spoilers posed on its pages and respects the copyright's of all information posted on this site from copyrighted sources.