Willow De Beers
Biographical Information
Birth Name: Willow DeBeers Eaton Fuentes
Relatives: Grace Houston (Mother), Claude De Beers (Father), Alberta De Beers (Adopted Mother), Agnes Delroy (Aunt), Jackie Lee Montgomery (Grandmother, deceased), Winston Montgomery (Grandfather, deceased), Linden Montgomery (Half-brother), Hannah Eaton (Daughter), Claude Fuentes (Son), Thatcher Eaton (Ex-Husband), Hope Eaton (Ex-Mother-in-law), Asher Eaton (Ex-Father-in-law), Whitney Eaton-Shuger (Ex-Sister-in-law), Quentin Shuger (Ex-Nephew-in-law), Laurel Shuger (Ex-Niece-in-law), Hans Shuger (Ex-Brother-in-law), Agnes Delroy (Aunt), Darwood Delroy (Uncle), Margaret Shelby (Cousin) and Ashley Roberts (Cousin-in-law).
Status: Alive
Occupation: Lawyer
Appearances: Willow, Wicked Forest, Twisted Roots, Hidden Leaves, and Dark Seed.
Portrayed By: N/A

Willow De Beers, is a fictional character in the DeBeers Series, she is the mother of Hannah Eaton and Claude Fuentes, she is also the half sister of Linden Montgomery. Willow was formerly married to Thatcher Eaton and got divorced from him after he cheated on her, Willow later on married her college professor Miguel Fuentes, had Claude with him and now works as a psychiatrist in Palm Beach, FL.